The spread of COVID-19 has altered the way people live. From lockdowns to travel restrictions, governments are using a variety of strategies for slowing the virus. Health advisors also recommend that you practice social distancing and wear face coverings. However, these recommendations do not entirely eliminate your risk of contracting COVID-19.

When traveling on a standard commercial flight, you spend long hours on a crowded airplane. You also need to wait in terminals and security screenings. These steps expose you to an endless stream of individuals from all over. A safer option is to arrange private jet travel. By chartering a private jet, you no longer need to deal with crowds of fellow travelers. You can enjoy safer travel along with the convenience that comes with chartering a private jet.

How Safe Is Standard Air Travel During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

People are understandably anxious about air travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many health experts recommend that people avoid all unnecessary travel. However, staying at home is not always an option. You may have business matters that require travel. You may also need to visit family or friends. Some people are simply tired of spending all their time at home and need to get out of the house.

No matter your reasons for traveling, you may worry about your risk of becoming infected with COVID-19. Some of the potential concerns related to travel during the coronavirus outbreak include:

  • Social distancing
  • Air ventilation on planes
  • Traveling through an airport
  • Hotels and transportation
  • Government travel restrictions

Arriving at an airport, going through security, boarding a plane, and reaching your destination requires you to spend time around others. While you can use safety precautions such as wearing a mask, you are still placing yourself at risk every time that you enter a public space. This includes airports and airplanes.

Before planning your next trip, find out why private jet charter is the best solution for air travel in COVID-19 times:

Social Distancing on Airplanes

Social distancing is one of the most common recommendations for avoiding COVID-19. However, social distancing is not an option on a typical commercial flight. Preliminary research suggests that COVID-19 is transmitted easily through droplets of saliva. When you stand or sit close to someone with COVID-19, you are at a higher risk of infection.

To address these concerns, some airlines have stopped booking the middle seats. This creates a little more space for passengers but does not meet the six-feet social distancing guidelines. One analysis found that leaving the middle seats unsold measurably reduces the risk of COVID-19 infections. However, many airlines still book middle seats. With private jet charter services, you do not need to worry about social distancing on the flight. You have the entire plane to yourself and your travel companions.

Air Ventilation on Airplanes

As social distancing is not an option on a standard commercial flight, many travelers are worried about the spread of the virus through the air. Luckily, airplanes have efficient air ventilation. The air flows from the top of the cabin to the ground, completely circulating the air in the cabin every two to four minutes. As the air passes through the ventilation system, about half of the air is vented outside while the other half passes through a HEPA filter. Airplanes have exceptionally high air quality.

However, the quality of the air may not matter if you are sitting next to someone with COVID-19. As airlines do not perform temperature checks and other measures to detect COVID-19, you have no way to determine if your fellow travelers are sick. A private jet eliminates this concern.

Airport Arrivals and Departures

The process of arriving for a flight involves several steps. You often need to go through a security checkpoint with an endless line of travelers. While the lines may include markers to keep travelers six feet apart, you are still standing in the same breathing space as people who may carry COVID-19.

After passing through the security station, you may need to wait in a terminal for your flight. You are again forced to sit or stand near others, some of whom may not wear masks. You also need to deal with crowds of people when you reach your destination. After departing the plane, you may need to go through customs or visit the baggage claim area.

Chartering a private jet allows you to skip the airport terminals and crowds. You get your own private terminal with direct access to your private jet.

Hotels and Transportation

Another travel concern is exposure to COVID-19 when you reach your destination. For example, you may need to take a shuttle to your hotel or resort. Some travelers prefer to use ride-hailing services or public transportation. These options may increase your risk of exposure.

Renting a car or riding in a taxi allows you to avoid the risks of public transportation. However, arranging transportation before you arrive at your destination is not always easy. A broker can assist with your transportation needs. They act as your personal guide for finalizing every detail of your flight, including transportation and lodging. You may even arrange for assistance with your luggage during pickup and drop-off.

Government Travel Restrictions

Along with the logistics of your flight, lodging, and transportation, a broker can help you navigate the various travel restrictions due to COVID-19. Many governments have implemented restrictions on travel to help slow the spread of the virus.

Depending on your destination, you may need to follow specific protocols. A broker can help you review any necessary restrictions and come up with alternative arrangements when necessary.

Stay Safe During Your Next Flight with Private Jet Charter

From government restrictions to avoiding contact with people who may carry COVID-19, air travel has become a challenge. If you want to maintain social distancing and avoid the risk of inhaling contaminated air particles, consider using a private jet charter for your next flight.

Save money while flying safer with the help of an experienced broker. Work with a broker to address your safety concerns and streamline the process of chartering a private jet.