COVID-19 has forced most airlines and airports to adopt long lists of restrictions and requirements for travelers. The pandemic has also led many countries to place travel restrictions on visitors from destinations with rising cases of COVID-19.

There are several categories of COVID-19 requirements to review, including the restrictions imposed by governments, airlines, airports, hotels, and points of interest. You need to ensure that your destination allows travelers. You also need to review the requirements of the airline and airport that you intend to use to reach your destination. After completing your flight, you may need to review the requirements of the hotel and the various places that you plan on visiting.

How to Deal with Air Travel Restrictions

Dealing with the logistical challenges of COVID-19 air travel restrictions may impact your business and leisure plans. Luckily, there are alternative solutions to commercial air travel. Working with a broker to charter a private jet allows you to forgo many of the restrictions that standard travelers face. Here is a closer look at the challenges of air travel during the age of COVID-19 and how a broker can help you overcome them.

Review the Travel Restrictions for Your Destination

Many local, state, and territorial governments have implemented travel restrictions that may interfere with your travel plans. Before arranging a flight, you need to review the travel restrictions for your intended destination.

Common measures for fighting the spread of the coronavirus include:

  • Lockdowns
  • Quarantines
  • Testing
  • Additional requirements

If you fail to follow restrictions, you may face jail or fines. You are also likely to miss out on the rest of your trip. Instead of allowing these concerns to ruin your air travel plans, take a moment to review the most common travel restrictions.


Some governments have implemented complete lockdowns. You may not be able to visit certain cities, states, or countries. In some cases, this may require you to find alternate routes to your destination. For example, you may plan a flight that includes a changeover in a specific country. If the airports are locked down in that country, you need to find an alternative destination for the changeover.

Along with different routes, you may need to consider different destinations. Several countries have barred entry to travelers from regions with surging coronavirus cases. If you travel from an area that is on a list of banned countries, you may be denied entry.

Working with a broker to charter a private jet makes it easier to review lockdown restrictions. The broker can review the requirements of your intended destination and provide recommendations for alternative routes when necessary.


You may also need to deal with quarantines when visiting other destinations. Several governments have implemented quarantine requirements for visitors from other regions. When visitors arrive, they spend two weeks in a quarantined environment, such as a designated hotel.

A two-week quarantine is likely to affect your travel plans, especially if you only have a limited window of time available for travel. Instead of departing your plane and traveling to meet with friends or business contacts, you may find yourself restricted to a hotel room.

As with lockdown restrictions, a broker can review the quarantine requirements for your intended destination. You may avoid the need to spend two weeks in isolation after departing your flight by choosing an alternative destination.

Testing for COVID-19

Testing is another method used to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some governments now require visitors to complete a COVID-19 screening test before gaining entry. The testing requirements vary. Some locations use temperature checks. If your temperature exceeds a certain limit, you are required to complete a more thorough test of the presence of COVID-19.

Other locations may use saliva samples for testing. The results of the tests are not always immediate, which may result in delays to your travel plans. This is another area where a broker can research the requirements and provide recommendations.

Additional Safety Requirements or Guidelines

Along with lockdowns, quarantines, and testing, most areas have specific safety requirements or guidelines. You may encounter restrictions that are different compared to the restrictions in your local area. However, it is still your responsibility to comply with local requirements.

As with air travel before the pandemic, you must always follow the laws and customs of your host country or state. This includes any requirements related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Common COVID-19 requirements and recommendations include:

  • Practicing social distancing
  • Wearing a mask in public spaces
  • Washing your hands frequently
  • Avoid direct contact with others

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to follow these guidelines when traveling. Air travel requires you to spend hours in security lines and terminals. This brings you in close contact with others and sometimes makes it difficult to practice social distancing.

Chartering a private jet provides a safer way to fly the skies. Instead of rows of passengers, you can enjoy the privacy of a chartered jet, which eliminates the risk of exposure to other travelers. You may even avoid airport terminals and crowded baggage claim areas.

Avoid the Challenges of Air Travel During a Pandemic

Air travel restrictions are making it harder for people to travel for business and leisure. When you travel to another region, whether you are planning to visit another state or country, you need to review the COVID-19 restrictions.

The variety of details that you need to consider is overwhelming. If you want to avoid canceling your travel plans, work with a private jet charter broker. Brokers simplify the process of choosing privately-owned aircraft operators and aircraft crews. They understand the restrictions and can coordinate with operators to ensure that you reach your destination.

Along with addressing the logistical challenges of COVID-19 restrictions, chartering a private jet provides a safer option for air travel. You no longer need to worry about sitting on a crowded airplane with dozens of other individuals or waiting through lengthy security lines. Before planning your next flight, use a private charter broker to handle your air travel arrangements and guide you through any applicable restrictions.