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Group Charter


Global Group Travel Services

Keep everyone together with group charter travel solutions. Whether you are traveling for a conference, sports event, or weekend leisure trip, we are ready to arrange your flight and VIP services. From groups of 30 to 300, Global Air Charter can accommodate groups of any size. Save time on your group travel arrangements. Contact us today or explore our services:

Plan a charter flight for group travel

Private jet charter simplifies the process of planning a group trip. Instead of arranging flights through commercial airlines and dealing with potential delays, you can rent an entire aircraft and leave when you want. Here are some of the benefits that come with group charters:

  • Keep track of everyone in your group
  • Avoid delays and canceled flights
  • Simplify your travel arrangements
  • Choose from a variety of aircraft
  • Add amenities and specialized services

Using commercial airline routes for group travel comes with a variety of challenges, including ensuring that everyone makes the same flight or finding an aircraft with enough seats available. Chartering an aircraft helps you avoid these issues.

With group charter, it becomes easier to keep track of everyone in your group. You do not need to worry about the flight leaving without everyone accounted for. Along with keeping everyone together, group charters allow you to avoid delays. Major airlines frequently suffer from delays and canceled flights, which may impact the rest of your travel plans. Dealing with these issues becomes even more challenging when traveling in a group.

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Efficient Group Charter Solutions From a Reliable Broker

Why choose us? Global Air Charter is a trusted private jet charter broker with a team of experienced professionals. We understand the airline industry, allowing us to better serve the needs of our clients.

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We handle the logistics of group travel

Choosing us as your broker simplifies your group travel arrangements. We handle the logistics so you can focus on having a fun trip. If an aircraft becomes unavailable due to maintenance or delays, we work quickly to find a suitable alternative. We also help find the most efficient route to save you time and money.

Here are some of the benefits of letting us arrange your group charter:

  • Find the best prices for group charters
  • Receive help choosing the right operator
  • Fly with a trusted airline crew

We help you find an airline operator that meets your specific needs. Our team reviews safety records, flight history, crew history, and many other details to ensure a safe flight.

Why Choose Us for Private Jet Charters Across the US and Worldwide?

As a private jet charter broker, Global Air Charter offers worldwide solutions for business or leisure trips. We frequently work with government officials, celebrities, business people, and other individuals who require superior privacy and security. Explore some of the ways that we can simplify your next trip:

We Can Help Plan an Unforgettable Trip

Convenient Air Travel

Convenience is one of the main advantages that we provide. Your dedicated trip manager makes it easier to arrange every detail no matter the destination or purpose of your trip. Our personalized approach to travel offers many benefits compared to booking a flight with a major airline:

  • Travel in a luxurious private aircraft
  • Avoid lengthy layovers at airports
  • Arrive and leave when you want
  • Enjoy increased security and privacy


Browse the following questions or contact us today to explore private jet charter options:

Where can I fly with group charters?

Group charters can take you to any destination in the world. Independent airline operators are available across the globe, offering travel to remote destinations and airports that major airlines may not service.

How many people can travel in a group?

We have brokered charter flights for small, medium, and large groups. Our global network of airline operators provides access to a wide range of aircraft to accommodate groups of any size.

What happens if a plane experiences a mechanical issue?

Group charters eliminate the typical hassle of dealing with a delayed flight. If an aircraft experiences a mechanical issue, we work quickly to find a replacement. You do not need to deal with arranging a different flight.

If you have additional questions or want to start planning your chartered flight, contact us to request more information.