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Aircraft Re-Marketing


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Aircraft Sales and Marketing

Get a better deal with professional aircraft remarketing services for sellers and buyers. We help pair sellers and buyers to ensure that both parties walk away satisfied. Whether you have an aircraft that you need to market or require assistance finding a plane in your budget, contact the professionals at Global Air Charter.
We provide dependable aircraft remarketing and acquisition solutions for all types of aircraft. We work with clients across the globe including regional airlines, manufacturers, financial institutions, hedge funds, and operating lessors.

Remarketing Made Easy

The longer it takes to sell an aircraft, the less you may receive from a buyer. Our goal is to help you get the best price for your used aircraft. This involves reaching out to our long-term industry contacts and marketing your aircraft to the top buyers, such as financial institutions and operating lessors. Along with remarketing for aircraft sales, we can help arrange a leasing agreement, including wet or dry leases.

We can eliminate the stress of selling or leasing your aircraft. Our team advises you throughout the process to ensure that you get a suitable price. We also ensure that your aircraft is represented to maximize its appeal and visibility.

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Efficient Aircraft Acquisition

Along with assisting sellers and lessors, we work with buyers and lessees looking to expand their fleets. Avoid the hassles of dealing with the traditional aircraft sales or leasing process. Instead of negotiating with the buyer or manufacturer, you can allow a knowledgeable team to look out of your best interests.

Our years of experience have allowed us to develop an extensive list of airline operators and owners. We can quickly review our database to find aircraft that match your specific requirements. We can focus on the criteria that matter most to you, such as your budget and the size, seating capacity, and age of the aircraft.

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Why Choose Us to Remarket Your Aircraft?

Aircraft marketing is not easy. It is a niche market with a high-value product, which limits the ability of individual owners to quickly sell surplus aircraft. We simplify the process of selling or leasing your airplane, allowing you to reduce your inventory and gain revenue with minimal effort.

Find out why we are the preferred choice for aircraft remarketing:

  • A global network of potential buyers and lessees
  • Years of industry experience and knowledge
  • Real-time market analysis and insight
  • A dedicated team of skilled professionals

Instead of devoting hours to marketing your aircraft and nurturing your sales leads, you can save time and still get a great price. We have a large network of potential buyers from across the globe, helping you move your used aircraft quickly.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to ensure that you always get a fair price. We understand the market and pay attention to daily fluctuations in the average price of various aircraft. We deliver positive results while making the sales process as easy as possible.


If you do not find the answers you need below, feel free to contact us with your questions:

Do you help remarket and acquire commercial planes or private jets?

Both. We can help you buy or sell any type of aircraft. We have assisted with the sale and leasing of a wide range of commercial and private aircraft, including the most popular airplanes on the market.

How much do you charge to broker the sale of an airplane?

The commission depends on the value of the aircraft. For multi-million-dollar aircraft, we typically charge a set percentage of the sale price. For smaller aircraft, we may set a flat-fee commission.

How long does it take to sell a plane?

The amount of time needed to sell a plane varies. Some planes simply do not sell easily while others are constantly in demand. It is possible for a plane to remain listed for a couple of years. However, we strive to finish each sale quickly. Our dedicated team does what it takes to successfully remarket your used aircraft and get you the best available price.

We offer reliable aircraft marketing solutions. Avoid letting a plane sit unused for too long. Find a suitable buyer today. Contact us for more information on aircraft sales and remarketing solutions.