Air Medical Evacuation

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Worldwide Air Ambulance Flights for Medical Evacuation and Repatriation

Allow us to arrange your air ambulance for emergency medical evacuation or repatriation. We ensure that you receive timely and efficient travel to reach your destination as soon as possible.

Medical evacuation is the process of ensuring that patients are safely transported to another medical facility. This is often used when a patient cannot receive necessary treatments in their current location. For example, a small clinic on an island resort may not be equipped to treat major medical emergencies.

Repatriation refers to the transport of patients after receiving surgery or emergency services in another country or region. Medical repatriation may also be needed when a patient requires medical care in their home country or a familiar environment.

Whether you require medical evacuation or repatriation, we have the experience and global network of airline operators needed to arrange safe travel.

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Benefits of Private Air Ambulances for Medical Emergencies

No one wants to cut their trip short due to a medical issue. Unfortunately, emergencies can occur anywhere, including your vacation destination or business conference.

Arranging a private air ambulance provides many advantages for dealing with overseas health problems:

  • Reach a suitable medical facility sooner
  • Receive proper medical attention
  • Enjoy the convenience of a private flight

Air ambulances can often help patients reach distant medical facilities much more quickly compared to ground transport. Roads and highways rarely provide a direct path from one point to the next. Aircraft take to the skies and travel at faster speeds, resulting in swifter medical transfers.

Patients also receive medical attention throughout the trip. Doctors and nurses are on board to ensure that the patient arrives safely. Chartering an air ambulance also eliminates many of the hassles related to booking a commercial flight. Patients receive more space and the convenience of private flights, such as private airport terminals and custom travel times.

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Why Choose Us for Air Medical Evacuation and Repatriation?

Choosing us as your broker simplifies your group travel arrangements. We handle

Global Air Charter is a leading broker for private charters, including charters for medical evacuation and repatriation. We can arrange world-wide evacuation, allowing you to receive necessary medical care no matter your travel destination.

  • Find the best available air ambulance and crew
  • Avoid paying too much for medical evacuation
  • Focus on your health instead of arranging a flight

If you want to arrange the safest flight with the best medical care, you need to compare options. You may need to review the experience of the medical personnel and the available medical provisions and equipment on the flight. We assist with this process, ensuring that you find the right aircraft and crew.

Arranging a private flight costs more compared to commercial flights. However, a broker understands the average costs and can help you avoid paying too much. By allowing us to handle the arrangements, you have fewer issues to worry about. You can focus on your health or the health of your loved one instead of arranging a flight.


Patients and their families often have questions about medical evacuation. Here are some of the most frequent concerns:

Can a patient receive in-flight medical care?

Yes, we can arrange in-flight medical care in many cases. Along with a flight crew, air ambulances are often equipped with a medical team. Your flight may include trained physicians, registered nurses, or other medical personnel.

Is medical evacuation safe for patients?

Yes, medical evacuation offers a safe method of travel when a patient requires treatment in another location. Air ambulances provide the stability needed to transport patients suffering from physical illnesses or injuries.

What locations can I be evacuated from?

Medical evacuations are available for travelers in virtually any destination. Private air ambulances can reach remote areas and smaller airports that may not be part of the standard airline routes.

If you have additional questions or want to start planning your chartered flight, contact us to request more information.