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Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance (ACMI)

Increase your capacity or launch your airline startup with inclusive ACMI solutions from Global Air Charter. We provide a complete service covering the arrangement of aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI). Eliminate the challenges of expanding your airline operations. Receive one or more aircraft with full crew and insurance.

Inclusive ACMI Service for Startups and Established Airlines

What is ACMI? It stands for “aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance,” which are the four main components needed to offer chartered flights to clients. You can lease the exclusive use of an aircraft that is fully crewed, maintained, and insured by the owner. You simply pay a predetermined rate and cover the costs of travel, such as fuel, taxes, and airport charges.

When ACMI is included in the leasing agreement, it is often called a “wet lease”. These leases often last 1 to 24 months and are frequently used by airlines to cover peak travel seasons or to deal with annual maintenance checks on their existing fleets.

Many of the leases are offered by major aircraft lessors. These companies own large fleets of aircraft that they lease to airlines of all sizes, including the top airlines in the US and Europe. They account for about 42.6% of all airline leases. However, they are also many independent aircraft owners and smaller airlines that occasionally lease their aircraft when not in use.

We help you find the right match. Our experienced team can compare lessors and find an ACMI lease that fulfills your requirements.

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Why Should You Consider Using Our ACMI Service?

Leasing an aircraft simplifies the process of increasing your fleet. You avoid spending millions on a new plane and hiring a crew. You also eliminate the need to arrange maintenance and insurance. We make this process even easier by acting as your broker.

You can rely on us to walk you through each step of the process, from finding the right plane to signing the leasing agreement. We have a worldwide network of airline owners, operators, and leasing companies, giving you access to thousands of planes that are ready for leasing.

Here are a few of the reasons why more startups and airlines choose us for ACMI leasing:

  • Supplement your existing resources
  • Expand into new regions quickly
  • Increase your seat capacity during peak travel
  • Receive assistance negotiating the lease

ACMI is convenient for all types of airlines from small independent operators to major airline companies. It provides a way to grow your fleet with minimal up-front investment.

Along with saving money, our service simplifies the process of increasing your capacity. Instead of separately searching for the right aircraft, flight crew, maintenance staff, and insurance products, you get everything in one convenient package. ACMI is the fastest way to grow your fleet and meet unexpected demand for airline service.

For example, you may need additional capacity to deal with an influx of travelers during peak travel seasons. You may also require additional aircraft with full crew for special circumstances, such as medical evacuation and repatriation.

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Explore answers to frequently asked questions about aircraft leasing or contact us with your inquiries:

What types of costs do I cover?

As the individual or organization leasing the ACMI, you typically pay an hourly rate or a flat rate for the use of the aircraft. Lessees also tend to cover fuel, airport charges, and overflight charges. Any applicable duties and taxes are also the responsibility of the lessee.

How quickly can I receive an aircraft?

The availability of aircraft and crew determines how quickly you can increase your capacity. You also need to sign a lease agreement. While the amount of time needed to complete this agreement varies, we always work to match clients with a suitable aircraft owner quickly.

For how long can I lease an aircraft?

Most wet leases cover a period of 1 to 24 months. The term of the lease depends on a variety of factors, including your needs and the age of the aircraft. Aircraft owners often prefer longer terms for newer aircraft to help cover the depreciation. However, long-term arrangements are often “dry leases,” which means that they do not include crew, maintenance, and insurance.

If you want to add aircraft to your fleet or launch a new airline without purchasing aircraft and crew or dealing with maintenance and insurance, contact the experts at Global Air Charter. Allow us to find the right ACMI solution based on your needs. Contact us today!