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We are available to serve you 24/7
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Why Private Jet Charter Makes Sense?


Although virtually all commercial jetliners are equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Air, it can be difficult if not impossible to keep distance from other in check-in and security lines, lounges and a commercial airliner full of passengers. Private Jet travel gives the ability to social distance and choose the people who can travel with you.

Economically Feasible

Many of us think private jet travel is out of reach for many people but the ultra rich. That is not true. Scheduled flight cancellations and safety considerations make  Private jet charter a more attractive option. It is economical for businesses as well as individuals who fly first class and in groups.

Effectively Integrated

Private Jet travel can be effectively integrated into your business or personal travel plans. With flexible departure times and the ability to return to your home the same day, private jet travel is effective and more convenient choice than the airlines in today’s COVID 19 environment.

Our Solutions

Private Jet Charter

Simplify your next trip with a private jet charter for business or leisure. We have a team of professional charter consultants available to handle your travel arrangements. Travel in luxury and avoid the hassle of standard commercial airlines. Contact Global Air Charter to discuss your next trip.

Group Charter

Keep everyone together with group charter travel solutions. Whether you are traveling for a conference, sports event, or weekend leisure trip, we are ready to arrange your flight and VIP services. From groups of 30 to 300, Global Air Charter can accommodate groups of any size.

Medical Evacuation

Professional air medical evacuation provides an efficient solution for ensuring that you or a loved one receives proper medical attention. At Global Air Charter, we can arrange to dispatch a medical evacuation aircraft to repatriate or transport patients from anywhere in the world.

Air Cargo

Stop worrying about your cargo reaching its destination on time. Use a private air cargo charter to assist with the logistics of your operations. Air cargo charter is a convenient option for urgent freight deliveries and reaching remote destinations. At Global Air Charter, we ensure that your freight arrives on time and in perfect condition.


Increase your capacity or launch your airline startup with inclusive ACMI solutions from Global Air Charter. We provide a complete service covering the arrangement of aircraft, crew, maintenance, and insurance (ACMI). Eliminate the challenges of expanding your airline operations.

Aircraft Re-Marketing

Get a better deal with professional aircraft remarketing services for sellers and buyers. We help pair sellers and buyers to ensure that both parties walk away satisfied. Whether you have an aircraft that you need to market or require assistance finding a plane in your budget, contact the professionals at Global Air Charter.

Most Popular Charter Jets

Global Air Charter with partners spanning the globe will bring you the latest and most cared for Aircraft.

Turbo Props

Turbo Props aircraft are powered by single or twin turbo prop engines, They are usually an economic alternative to jet aircraft. Turbo Props usually have pressurized cabin and can operate from unpaved short runways. Some of the popular turbo props include, King Airs, Piaggio Avanti, TBM, Piper Meridian and Cessna Caravan.

Very Light Jets

Very light jets (VLJ) are very small personal jets seating four to six people and often has a maximum take off weight below 5000KG. VLJs are able to operate from runways as short at 3000 feet and have a range of about 1100 miles. Some of the popular VLJs are Citation Mustang and M2, Eclipse 500, Cirrus vision jet, Honda jet and Phenom 100.

Small Jets

Small jets are widely popular aircraft among corporations and business travelers. They can comfortable seat up to eight people and have a range of 1100 to 2500 miles at a speed of 500 miles per hour. Some of the most popular jets of this class are Learjet 31/35/40, Cessna Citation CJ, Beechcraft 400.

Medium Jets

Mid Size Jets are ideal choice for passengers seeking larger cabin and more luggage space than the small jets. Mid Size Jets feature elegant club style seats which accommodate seven to nice passengers. Some of the popular aircraft include, Challenger 300, Hawker 800XP, Citation Sovereign and Learjet 75.

Long Range Jets

Long range jets are the ideal aircraft to fly up to sixteen passengers more than 6000 miles in style and comfort. They are considered the pinnacle of private aviation. Some of the most popular long range jets include the Gulfstream G650 G550, Global 7000 8000, Falcon 7X 8X.

Large Jets

Large Jets are the ultimate in global travel. Large Jets cabin can transport up to twenty passengers for more than 6000 miles in additional space and extreme luxury. Large jets are ideal choice for heads of states and high net worth individuals. Some of the large jets include, Boeing BBJ, Airbus A320 and Embraer Lineage.

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